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Raphaël Béreau is a professional classical guitarist who graduated from the École Normale de Paris where he trained in the class of Christian Rivet. He trained in chamber music at the CNR in Paris in the classes of Eric Lesage and Paul Meyer, as well as in analysis at the Ecole Normale de Paris with Paul Meyer. In Montreal, he then obtained the Master of Interpretation from the class of Alvaro Pierri.
With guitarist Tizoc Romero, he created the Duo R2T2 in Vienna, which explores a vast repertoire of original works and personal arrangements. His career took on an international dimension with his participation in the Paris International Guitar Festival and two tours in India, combining concerts and masterclasses,
An accomplished chamber musician, he is the winner of numerous international chamber music competitions: 1st prize at the Omis International Competition (Croatia, 2015), 1st prize unanimously at the Elche International Competition (Spain, 2014), 1st prize at the Schweinfurt International Competition (Germany, 2014), the Public Prize at the Valencia International Competition (Spain, 2012).
Raphaël multiplies his travels and musical encounters bringing the guitar into dialogue with other instruments: the violin, the double bass, the flute, the voice, the string quartet, the orchestra.
He is currently preparing an album devoted to French music with the violinist Jean-Samuel Bez with whom he had already recorded a work by Jacqueline Fontyn.

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